Pumping food products with PeriBest pumps

15 de July de 2021

Pumping food products is a very complex process, as a cleaning operation is added to the product pumping. Many technologies require highly complex cleaning processes, including dismantling the equipment in order to access the inner areas for thorough cleaning. Another added difficulty is that many food products must be pumped gently to avoid damaging their structure.

A very interesting solution for applications with sensitive, abrasive or viscous food products, or in high suction conditions, is to use PeriBest pumps. With an operating principle that requires no valves, mechanical seals and with no difficult-to-access areas, they are ideal for pumping these types of food products, and are very easy to clean using CIP type processes.

In the food-grade PeriBest peristaltic pump, the necessary modifications have been made to the unit to provide a sanitary pump that is fully compatible with food product pumping, and meets current specifications and regulations.

Basically, this version consists of:

  • The latest generation peristaltic hose in FDA food grade nitrile.
  • DIN 11851 or Tri-clamp sanitary connections.
  • Easy and quick-to-remove front cover to aid CIP cleaning processes.
  • Front removal roller.
  • Stainless steel base plate and cover.
  • Pump body painted in sanitary white.

Use of this version optimises downtimes, facilitates cleaning processes and improves efficiency. By simply removing one roller, accessed through the easy-to-open cover, the pump is ready for CIP cleaning.

The innovative peristaltic hose manufacturing process increases temperature resistance, lengthens service life and reduces the equipment’s maintenance costs.