Very robust pumps

Easy maintenance and low costs

PeriBest pumps offer low maintenance and operating costs thanks to their extremely robust design and easy maintenance with only one component subject to wear and tear. Resistance to abrasion, high suction capacity and the ability to pump corrosive products make PeriBest pumps suitable for a wide range of dosing and transfer applications.


  • High resistance to abrasion when transferring sludge and slurry and dosing highly abrasive products such as lime slurry and activated carbon.
  • Suction capacity up to 9.5 mWc and optimum flow control for sampling applications.
  • Ease of maintenance and operation for continuous work applications (24h/7days) due to the design and robustness of the equipment.
  • Gentle pumping for dosing polymers and flocculants. Maximum process efficiency.
  • Chemical version with materials highly resistant to highly concentrated acids.
  • Problem-free pumping of gas products for an indefinite period of time.


  • Dosing sludge and slurry with a high solids content.
  • Dosing activated carbon and lime slurry.
  • Dosing sodium hypochlorite, iron chloride, and caustic soda.
  • Dosing polymers and flocculants. Sampling.
  • Sampling or suction of products stored in double-walled tanks.