Chemical grade version of the pump

Great resistance to corrosion

The chemical industry requires equipment with a high technological performance and very durable materials. Excessive downtime for maintenance is always a problem and that is exactly what the PeriBest peristaltic pump eliminates compared to its more traditional competitors. High resistance to corrosion makes PeriBest pumps an excellent choice for dosing and pumping all types of corrosive, abrasive and viscous products.


  • Capacity to pump corrosive products easily and safely, as there are only two elements in contact with the pumped product: the hose and the connections.
  • No mechanical seals or valves for pumping difficult, viscous, sticky or solid products.
  • Ease of maintenance and operation for continuous work applications (24/7) due to the design and robustness of the equipment.
  • A chemical version is available, specifically developed for pumping corrosive products, with a Tezfel® coating and hose leak detector.


  • Transferring and dosing water-based pigments and paints.
  • Transferring highly abrasive products such as titanium dioxide.
  • Transferring and dosing resins.
  • Transferring and dosing water-based detergents, creams and glues.
  • Transferring and dosing all types of corrosive chemical acids and bases.