Pumping up to 80% of solids

Drastic reduction in water consumption.

PeriBest peristaltic pumps are able to optimise the pumping of products with a high concentration of solids, with an increased concentration of up to 80% of solids, thereby reducing water consumption, saving energy and minimising the storage capacity of the sludge. The robustness of the pumps and their ease of maintenance with only one component subject to wear and tear make PeriBest equipment the most reliable choice for transferring and dosing in this sector.


  • Minimal downtime, thanks to easy maintenance with the hose being the only component subject to wear and tear, which can be replaced easily and quickly.
  • Long component life for continuous operation (24/7), thanks to the design and robustness of the equipment.
  • High resistance to abrasion for pumping products with a high solids content (up to 80% solids).
  • Resistance to corrosion: Only the hose and connections are in contact with the fluid.
  • Robust and reliable solution with no valves or mechanical seals.


  • Transferring mining slurry, concentrated sludge from thickeners and sludge with a high concentration of solids.
  • Dosing cyanide and xanthate.
  • Transferring and dosing polymers and flocculants.
  • Precise and reliable dosing of reagents to optimise mineral extraction.