PeriBest Pumps

In the paper industry, it is usual to pump a large quantity of waste water with fibre residue, chemical substances for treatment, etc. In these cases the PeriBest peristaltic pumps are an excellent solution, both due to the high resistance to abrasion of the PeriBest latest generation peristaltic hoses and to the robustness of the equipment and for the convenience, control and durability of its components when pumping products such as calcium hydroxide, commonly used for water treatment.

Dry running and high solids capacity are two of the most notable advantages of the PeriBest pumps, when compared with traditional technologies such as diaphragm or aod pumps that clog up easily when pumping products with solids.
Therefore, their capacity for pumping high-density pulps is excellent.

The low downtimes and the ease of installation and maintenance are other notable advantages of the PeriBest peristaltic pumps.

Advantages of the PeriBest Hose Pumps

  • Accurate and controlled dosing of chemical products
  • High resistance to abrasion when transferring highly abrasive products
  • Lack of problematic components such as mechanical seals and valves
  • Low spares consumption and optimisation of the downtime processes
  • Dry running capability and suction power of up to 9.5 mWc

Successful applications in the paper industry

  • Dosing of chemicals and paint
  • Transfer of paper pulp
  • Dosing of lime milk
  • Dosing of additives and colourings
  • Dosing and transfer of glues
Bomba peristaltica sector papel - paper industry