PeriBest Pumps

The chemical industry demands equipment with high technical performance and materials with good durability. Excessive downtime for maintenance is always a problem and this is precisely what the PeriBest peristaltic pump solves, compared with the traditional competition.

The robustness of the equipment as well as its ease of maintenance, and specific assembly versions for highly corrosive products such as the Chemical version, with high quality NR or EPDM hoses, front cover and pump casing coating in TEFZEL®, plastic connections and hose leakage sensor, make up a unit that is heavy-duty and resistant to difficult chemical products, whether due to abrasion, corrosion or operating conditions at the limit (high suction, dry running, high viscosity, presence of gases, etc.).

Advantages of the PeriBest Hose Pumps

  • Resistance to corrosion thanks to the use of hoses and connections compatible with the great majority of process products
  • No mechanical seals or valves for the pumping of difficult, viscous, sticky products or that contain solids
  • Ease of maintenance and operation for continuous work applications (24 h/7 days) due to the design and robustness of the equipment
  • Chemical version with materials that are resistant to highly concentrated acids
  • Pumping of gaseous products without problems for indefinite periods

Successful applications in the chemical industry

  • Dosing of pigments and water-based paints
  • Transfer of highly abrasive products such as titanium dioxide
  • Dosing of resins
  • Dosing of detergents, creams and water-based glues
  • Dosing of all types of acid or base corrosive chemicals
Bomba peristaltica sector químico